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Sam Hart

2008-01-17 17:09:59

A friend of mine (and former coworker from Progeny) has been without full-time work since Progeny went under (I know that includes many former coworkers from Progeny :-( ). He's scraped by with a few contracts here and there, but nothing that would be considered full-time employment.

Anyway, he recently was offered a job (finally) and will be going down to his future employer's offices later today to sign some paperwork. This is a very good thing since he's also someone who has been without heat this winter (his furnace broke down a while ago).

Well, the funny bit is that I guess he was re-reading his resume/cover-letter that got him this job, and he found the following passage from the cover letter that he somehow missed upon submission:

....I'm interested in any opportunities that are available with $OTHER_EMPLOYER...

I personally think this may have helped get him the job. If I was reviewing resumes and I saw that I'd immediately be impressed that this person strives for efficiency because they actually attempted to script their resume/cover-letter process :-)