Swarm site moved

Sam Hart

2008-02-16 19:10:24

Well, the MoinMoin powered wiki that was running the Swarm website was being spammed into oblivion (yes it had the anti-spam page updated regularly, it didn't help shit), so I've moved it to its new home over at Wikia. I know a lot of the content is gone, I still have it and intend to move it over. But I would like to plead for some help on getting the wiki going from those people who know what Swarm is. Basically, I'm entirely too interested in coding the damned thing and writing up documentation seems overly difficult to me right now.

I mean, it's hard to really explain something when "Distributed Issue Tracking" seems to more than suffice.

Anyway, hack at the wiki, help out if you can, and I'll continue to plug away at the code and try to get a working 'proof of concept' done as quickly as possible :-)