Fascist America in 10 steps, a look at "The End of America" by Naomi Wolf

Sam Hart

2008-02-26 18:59:50

Author Naomi Wolf talks about how modern America is slipping rapidly towards fascism. Now, before anyone invokes Godwin's Law, watch the video and read more about it. Naomi Wolf makes some very valid points, and the comparisons are apt.

In the video, she talks about the "triple S's" on airline tickets and how she's on "the list" for potential terrorists or enemies of the state.

I may have mentioned this before (or I may not have, I forget and am too lazy to look it back up) but I was on this list for a couple of years. I don't know exactly when I was first put on this list, but between 2004 and 2007(ish) every flight I was on I had these "triple S's" on my tickets and had to go through a special TSA search line. I was actually flying quite a bit at that time too, between my job and my move I was spending a lot of the time in the air.

Eventually, I was taken back off this list. I have no clue when this happened, but sometime in 2007 I noticed that the "triple S's" vanished from my ticket and I haven't had any special searches since.

Now, this is going to sound bad, but... I kind of miss being on "the list". When I was on "the list" I would breeze through security because the special search line was MUCH shorter than the normal TSA security line.

Sure, I had to get groped, my bags searched, my civil liberties thrown out the window, be branded as a potential "terr-err-rist", and I was always at risk of falling off of "the list" and vanishing into some secret government gulag. But was that any worse than spending 3 hours standing in line while they go through some little old lady's purse and bitch at her because she has a bottle of water to take her pills with?

Anyway, snarky comments aside, this is an important topic which needs to be brought up a lot more these days.

And, no.. We can't just hope that the next president (whoever they wind up being) will somehow fix all of the mess we're in. We, as a public, have to take proactive measures to ensure we never get in a situation like this again.