A Dramatic Interpretation of a SUSE Experience

Sam Hart

2008-03-03 20:35:05

Okay, so I'm somewhat spoiled by all my years working with Debian based distributions. You know, the ones that just work....

Anyway, I've been having to deal with a SUSE system lately (don't ask, work related, not my choice), and I've been insanely irritated at how inferior this hunk of shit is.

One of my biggest gripes has been the general system administration, or how YaST worms its tendrils into every aspect of system configuration making it impossible to do normal Linux things and generally makes it much less pleasant to work with. One such instance is the package management system which, as near as I can tell, is the digital equivalent of having Tim Conway's "The Old Man" character manage a library.

Anyway, today during a particularly long wait for an added upstream package source to process by YaST, I drew the following "Dramatic Interpretation of a SUSE Experience". Enjoy!

It should be noted that I was actually able to finish the above comic before the process finished.