Updates loom heavy on the horizon

Sam Hart

2009-07-03 14:49:17

In case you haven't noticed, I've emerged from my web-site slumber of several months and begun making posts again. This should become more frequent in the coming weeks.

The reason I've been ignoring the world of the blorg and the twits is because I've been ass-deep in development of my first commercial game, Duologue. The total development time has been roughly 9 months from start to finish (although, that's me including previous starts and stops of other projects that led to Duologue :-) It's been a long and arduous task but I am very close to being done (in fact, I should have a final beta and possible RC drop sometime this weekend). There's only one minor thing to wrap up (the "Buy me! Buy me!" annoyance screen for the trial mode, which is mostly finished at this point but which may need some revision) and then it's feature-complete and basically done aside from any further bugs we may find in it.

This means you can expect to start hearing more and more about the game in the coming week(s). I'll get the game's page done soonish which and upload some screenshots and videos of the game in action. Then, at some point in the future which I can't predict, the game will go Gold on Xbox LIVE Indie Games. When that happens you can be damned sure I'll post, tweet, and post again about it.

Anyway, stay tuned...