Duologue update, and why I fail...

Sam Hart

2009-08-31 22:50:23

Just wanted to make a quick post updating everyone on Duologue's status, as well as explain why I fail at this whole web-logging thing.

First of all, Duologue is still in peer review. If you're an XNA community member then please come on over and help us out. We seemed to be stalled at around 85%, and need something to push us over the limit :-)

Second of all, damn this XNA review process is opaque. Apparently what's holding us up is the fact that we released a bunch of alternate language descriptions of the game. That triggered some extended review being needed from non-English speakers, which is to be expected. What was un-expected (to me, at least) was that there's just not that many non-English reviewers out there and, apparently, some languages are spotty at best in terms of reviewers. Unfortunately, because all I have on the project page is a tiny progress meter I have no clue what's causing our hang-up and thus can't address it specifically. All I can do is beg and plead for more people to drop by and test, hoping that one or more of them will count toward whatever missing ingredient the murky soup that is the XNA review process is needing. Very frustrating.

I know I should be more active in the XNA forums, IRC, and Twitter, but this brings me to my final topic: Why I fail..

See, I really have to force myself to tweet, write on this site, post in forums, etc and so on. It's not that I feel these things are beneath me or anything, it's just that they all sound so boring compared to just working on my next game. Every post, email, tweet, and forum thread drains the time and energy I could be spending working on my next title. What I really need is a good PR person, damnit...

In closing, yes, I am working on my next game (even though I still have the Duologue PC port to do). I'd love to share it with you, but I can't. Followers of my Youtube videos will have probably already seen an early menu system from this next game, but the game has changed substantially since then (and been renamed :-) I hope to get more information on this next game very soon.