Redmine and Jabber

Sam Hart

2009-09-03 00:27:36

Project Management: Redmine

For our next bit of software, we want something to handle this nebulous thing called "Project Management". Project Management can mean sooooo many things, however, for our purposes we needed the following:

We found all of these features and more inside of Redmine. This is a server application, and its installation is well beyond this document. However, you can find plenty of information on Redmine's site.

Communication: Jabber, Jabber, Jabber!

The final bit in our distributed team was our communication tool. We used Jabber (and, honestly, I forget the exact Jabber server we used) over an SSL connection. This let us have things like live one-on-one chat, chat rooms, and simple messaging in an encrypted way (you know, so all of our "secret sauce" discussions can't easily be intercepted :-)