New and improved site, now with 100% more particle effects

Sam Hart

2014-10-01 18:01:52.166641

My neglect for this website has led to many sleepless nights as my outdated Drupal continuously threatened to take down my site. Thus, I began a re-write of my Noink project in 2011 to eventually replace Drupal with a site which can generate static pages, yet still provides a similar enough interface to Drupal to make the migration easier.

Well, while my little Noink project is still fairly rudimentary and crude, it's evolved enough that I feel comfortable replacing my aging Drupal install with it and running my main website on it. So what you see here is my new and improved website, powered by Noink and with the Bootstrap enriched snh-theme.

I make no guarantees that I will update my site with any more regularity, I've simply not had much motivation to do so lately. However, at least the site wont continue to be a festering pit of out-of-date software.