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Submitted by sam on Thu, 07/01/2004 - 16:10.

Okay, so I just started myself a mule for earning some extra gil. And, I'd like to have some advice on it from the folks here in ClanAM. How do I best utilize my mule? What price markdown should I do in my bazaar? Where's the best places (she's in Sandy, right now) for your mule to attract action? And how do I entice people to browse my wares?

Mules suck

I've been going back and forth on this for a while now and think i've come to the conclusion that mules suck.

1) They take up otherwise good names for characters that sit there doing nothing.

2) They tend to bog down the servers with a lot of people that just sit there

3) They cost extra money per month.

Whats wrong with just leaving your character on overnight or at work with your bazaar loaded with stuff. I do that on the weekends when I'm not playing.

I used to think the same

I've changed my mind tho.

First of all, lemme deal with your points one at a time:

1) I agree if the mule never goes used. But I deliberately picked mine and placed mine in another city I'd like to try from so that, when I finish off all I can do with my Galka from Windy, I can switch and start all over again with her. So, I intend to play my mule.

2) Well, Idunno. I think you need to check your network connection. I have problems near the AH and in certain heavily pt'ed areas (dunes anyone?) But I wouldn't say any of these are from mules.

3) Yep. A buck. Considering I've been spending that for four months now on an account Cassie will never use, I'm okay with that.

As for leaving your character on overnight and just using your main as a mule, there are some considerations here:

a) You get more inventory to store stuff. Think of all those times you wished you could hang on to that armor collection for the next time you need to level job X up? Well, with a mule, you can!

b) You get 7 more slots to sell stuff at the AH. Believe me, this is a heaven send!

c) With your main left logged in all the time you run the risk of being caught violating the user agreement (no unmanned play) and having your main suspended. With a mule, who cares?

Vis Maior's Journeys

I like my mule.

I make more mony with it, I am from bastok and mule is in windy some of the stuff I get easy in bastok sell great in windy at better prices too .. so it helps.

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