Nobody puts Baby in the corner!

Sam Hart

2007-05-31 07:03:22

A while ago I made this post about how all these excellent video game anthologies for various platforms are spoiling me and leaving me wanting more of the obscure yet awesome titles of yore. Specifically, I said

The point is that I want to know "Where the hell is my TruboGraphix collection?" ...... "Where is my collection of Jaguar games?" ..... "Where is my Sega Master System collection?"

and then proceeded to innumerate several collections that I wanted to see including a collection of classic Sega Master System and Game Gear games.

Well you know what? Someone did it :-)

A Chicago-based brand revitalization company "River West Brands" has reintroduced the Coleco label and brought out a number of iffy handheld and portable games. Most look like stinkers to me, however one of them is a collection of some really good (and many "okay") SMS and GG games including many on my original list. The best thing is, this device can be played handheld or be plugged into the TV.

Dear Coleco,

This is a great start, and I really appreciate the effort,
however, why stop with old SMS games? I'm sure you could
easily hit up NEC and Hudson for some of the classic
TurboGraphics-16 games. Also, are you aware that some of
the best SMS games aren't even in your collection? Where's
Psycho Fox, or Golden Axe Warrior? Where's the Wonderboy
games, or Outrun? And Penguin Land is great and everything
but it seems criminal to exclude Shanghai!

Anyway.. get to it! Bring me more of these old games!

Sincerely, Sam