The nerdiest thing ever

Sam Hart

2007-09-25 14:44:07

So a good friend of mine is a Star Wars fan (*cough* Nerd *cough*), which is more than evident from his image gallery. We all hang out in the FGIJ IRC channel which usually means we post funny and silly Star Wars crap in there. Well, today, someone posted this:

So, of course, we proceed to make fun of this item. Yes, there was the usual scatological humor about how much it looks like R2 is crapping out the pepper. Yes, there was the joke about how much it looks like Darth Vader is either a) lusting over the droid peppermills or b) yelling at you to buy them. But soon, I (of course) got racial:

[10:11] <@ criswell> | R2-Q5?
[10:11] <@ criswell> | wtf?
[10:11] <@ criswell> | R2-D2's black friend

This came with the "Politically Correct" correction of:

[10:12] < bbaker> | I think you mean African American friend

At which I pointed out it would be presumptuous to assume that he was from Africa or that he was American... especially considering there's obviously Kanji in the image.

Somewhere in the fracas, my Star Wars fan friend made the following observation:

[10:12] <@ schultmc> | there's several different astromechs
[10:18] <@ schultmc> | not all astromechs are r2's

Which is, of course, the nerdiest thing I've ever read... And I've read a lot of nerdy things.

It reminded me of the Venture Brothers episode where henchmen #21 and #24 argue over whether Smurfs lay eggs or not.

I wanted to post a link to a video of this classic nerd argument, but some sandy vagina asshole has deleted it from Youtube and Google video.... So, I'll include the next best thing...