Mass Effect

Sam Hart

2007-11-27 15:50:07

Having just finished Mass Effect, BioWare's epic new action-RPG for the Xbox 360, I felt I really had to get on my site and rave about it. This is one spectacular RPG, easily one of the greatest RPGs ever and definitely tied with Oblivion for best RPG on the 360. If you own a 360 and have even a passing interest in RPGs, you should get this title without delay.

For those who don't know, Mass Effect is a galaxy-sprawling action-RPG from the creators of the legendary Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic series for the original Xbox. In it you will find a rather sizable universe, replete with entire worlds to explore and aliens to meet. You'll have a mountain of content in the form of side-quests, exploration and resource location (such as finding mineable metals on planets or identifying gas giants with harvestable fuels). And you'll see gorgeous graphics rendering intricate and beautiful alien worlds.

The bottom line is this game is great. However, it's not perfect, and does have some problems. Read on for all the great things this game has to offer as well as some of the nitpicky problems it does have.

What the game has going for it

Mass Effect has some incredible things going for it. They easily overshadow the few flaws it has and make it worthwhile to play.

Flaws the game has

As good as this game is, there are a few problems. However, as you read this, bear in mind they become small irritations when Mass Effect is taken as a whole. Really, for most of these, I'm just nit picking.


At the end of it all, the things Mass Effect has going for it far overshadow the problems it has. Each of the issues I've mentioned here don't detract from the overall awesomeness that is this game, and I recommend it highly.

Just know that you will be annoyed by the minigames, and that the shooter elements will suck for a while. Oh, and that the final cutscene will be weakened by the fact that the textures can't keep up with the action. Other than these, the game is pure gold, and worth a spot in any 360 owner's game collection.