Joynice Kanellis, Internet Superstar- The One Man Show

Sam Hart

2009-02-19 00:05:28

I simply don't know where to begin on this...

Well, I guess I'll start with this: Magical Bulletins is quite probably the greatest internet forum ever. There are 1090 topics and 2264 posts contained in this forum, and they are all made by one user.

That's right- one user.

This forum is filled with all manner of zaniness including daily agendas, potentially imaginary wedding plans that are ultimately canceled as well as something about being irritated by "federal laws", canceled wedding plans that get suddenly uncanceled, a countdown to the 10th anniversary of Super Smash Brothers, and breaking a window because he's a Raiders fan. Truly, this is a spectacle to behold.

In addition to the forum, he has a rather active YouTube presence, as well as frequenting

Now, before you laugh too hard, realize that this man is actually autistic. In this forum he seems to have created a rather elaborate little world for himself.

Personally, I am in awe of his accomplishment. The level of creativity and productivity is nothing less than astounding. Sure, the end result is quite silly, but it's hard to deny that most wouldn't be able to put such a herculean effort into creating such a thing.

Also, before you make fun of him realize this: How is this different from the millions of web logs out there?