Taking over the internet: They be in my tubes!

Sam Hart

2009-02-19 00:30:29

Submitted for your approval, a completely incomprehensible series of websites which Google bombs fairly useless phrases, mixes strange allusions to Christianity with claims that the US Government is somehow criminalizing immortality, and plays bizarre music overlapping with other bizarre music.

I present to you Taking Over The Internet, in all its hideous glory!

This is actually a collection of equally crazily themed websites including Most Important Search Term: Your Immortality, The Most Important Search Term (which must be from the department of redundancy department), Jesus is taking over the internet to create your immortality (complete with a high-res close-up of an actual asshole), Search Engines Manipulation Strategies 4 Children's (that's a great big WTF), All Children's Respectful Synchronous Legal Search Engine Manipulation University (wow, I got nothing for that one), Sedona Psychic Readings Physical-Immortality, and, of course, the one, the only Everything you believed is on fire.

Now, I'll be honest, I'm not certain that this is legitimate crazy, or faux crazy. But in my mind, it doesn't really matter because whether it's real or not because this is some Grade-A insanity.