1: Preparation

Sam Hart

2008-04-07 14:59:27

Honestly, my hair was really starting to bug me. It would get in my face, get in my eyes, get in my mouth, and generally annoy me. So I had been wearing it in a pony-tail for a good 9 months now. But, for the actual haircut, I let it out so that it would help keep it tag-free and easy to cut (since I was donating most of it anyway).

I searched all over Indy for a place that did Locks of Love haircuts, but most places I found hadn't ever heard of the program. Of those that had heard of the program, I was most impressed with Bella Naturale, who seemed to be the most knowledgeable about it. So I scheduled my appointment with them.

Here I am sitting in their waiting area before the actual snipping began. As you can see, my hair is really quite long now:

Here is a rear view showing just how long the hair was (honestly, I hadn't seen this angle before now... I had no idea it was that long):

Here I am sitting in the chair just before we begin: