2: Making the "Hair Packets"

Sam Hart

2008-04-07 15:10:38

Now, before we actually start cutting, we have to bundle the hair into what I'll call "Hair Packets". The idea here is to bind the hair together in smaller chunks which make it easier to ship. The hair stays together and arrives in "hair packets" that are easier to work with.

Typically, when a woman comes in to donate her hair (Locks of Love primarily gets women and girls donating their hair to the program) they don't want to donate all of their hair. They typically only want to donate their pony tails. So, they usually just bundle up the hair beyond the pony-tail and snip that off.

However, I was planning on donating the vast majority of my hair. So, we wound up having to bundle together four "hair packets" in order to get it all.

We started by bundling up the sides, which resulted in me looking very much like the Shaggy Dog:

Here you can see the four "hair packets" starting to take shape:

The following is what I like to call 'Do me "Willy Nelson"-style'...

Bam! Pippi Longstocking!

Here is animation of my "hair packets" building: